Thursday, 9 September 2010

First Review Sparmax Portable Battery Compressor

Everything included with the compressor. Sp-35 airbrush pictured is recommended by Sparmax as it has a low 10 psi operating range.
  • DAC-25 Compressor
  • 100-240v Mains power
  • NiMH battery pack (not banned for travel like Lithium)
  • Multi voltage battery charger
  • Australian plug adapters 
  • Braided hose 1/8th" fitting with a proprietary compressor fitting.
  • Padded bag with belt loops and two style carry strap

Pictured with a 20c piece for size comparison

Specifications: Sparmax DAC-25
  • Airflow: 6~7 lpm
  • Constant Air Flow: 3 L/min at 10 psi
  • Max pressure: 26 psi
  • Power: 100-240v mains and 12v  battery pack
  • Weight: 0.4kgs/0.9lbs
  • Size:  Lx10 Wx5 Hx10.5 cm
I personally own this compressor and have been using it for a couple of years. I have hooked it up to a pressure gauge and it reaches exactly 26psi. Sparmax recommend the SP-35 Air Brush  for this model compressor and I got it as a set. The same set is also sold under other names, Temptu, Graftobian, OCC and Kett. Sometimes with the compressor housed differently. Temptu having the fanciest packaging.

Running the compressor continuously does not over heat the unit, it can also be run inside the carry bag. I have run mine for over 1 1/2 hours with no trouble. The battery pack on a full charge will last just over an hour if run continuously and much longer if you use it in shorter bursts as would be normal.

Here are the results for maximum continuous  pressure with product. I fitted a pressure gage between the compressor and guns that were all fitted with quick connects. The product used to test was Badger Air Opaque.  I also used the mains power and not the battery. I have listed if the brush will spray and the maximum continuous psi reached with each brush.

  • Sparmax SP-35 YES  @12 psi (recommended by Sparmax for use with the compressor)
  • iwata HP-C+ YES @12 psi
  • Sparmax DH-103 YES (similar to the old HP-C)  @12-13 psi BEST
  • Thayer & Chandler Vega 2000 from the 1990's ONLY WITH PROPERLY THINNED PRODUCT @ 8 psi
  • Thayer & Chandler from the 1950/60's YES @12 psi
  • Harder & Steenbeck Infinity .4mm needl YES @ 8-9 psi
  • Paasche H #3 nozzle NO @ 8 psi (consistent pressure but low air supply, only use it if you need a spatter effect)
  • Paasche Talon .38mm needle YES  @ 8 psi
  • Aztec A470 Tan fine nozzle YES @ 8-10 psi
  • Badger 200  Medium needle NO  @ 6 psi WORST

These tests show that you do not have to use the recommended SP-35 brush with the compressor.
    Two brushes did not fare well,  the Paashe H needs more air flow and will only give a grainy stipple coverage, this is to expected as it is the only external mix brush. The Badger 200 also needs more air flow and would only work in spurts.
    The Sparmax DH-103 was the unexpected standout.


          1. which would you recommend as the best airbrush? I am tossing up between getting the OCC one and the Temptu one. I think the gun is the same, its mostly the product that is different which doesn't bother me too much because i can always get a different makeup if I want to later down the track. I would like something that is small, but strong. Mostly would be used for normal makeup (bridal, fasioin that jazz) but would like something that is going to do the distance and alowe me to do SFX makeup and body paint as well. So this one looks like you can plug it into a mains power supply as well as use a batter pack for on location bits. Would it be able to do all of the above? How did you find it over all? And where did you buy it from? (An Austrlia web site or from OCC)
            Thanks :)

          2. The Airbrushes offered with the OCC and Temptu are exactly the same. They are Sparmax SP-35 brushes. The OCC portable compressor is the standard Sparmax DAC-25 in white, while the Temtu one is the same but in a custom housing with the pressure gauge built in. Both are manufactured by Sparmax in Taiwan. Mine is from

            Will update post with answers.

          3. I have 2 Iwata BR revolution guns would those work with this compressor? Also would their be an attachment to make them compatable?

          4. Hi Andrea,

            All Iwata guns will fit the hose without any attachments. The revolutions should work fine, not sure what constant psi you will get.

          5. Can you get to a 2-4 working psi for this unit?

          6. Yes it will go down to 2-4 psi with the use of a bleed valve.

            1. Hy! What is the difference between the Sparmax ac-s1 mini compressor and the temptu s-one compressor? they look almost de same ...

          7. I know that Temptu use Sparmax and Iwata to manufacture the Temptu compressors and airbrushes. They do have Sparmax customize the equipment for them. Colours, packaging adding the Temptu Logo etc.